Those who simply want to feel good in the embrace of water are waited by the Thermal Bath.

Kistelek is a unique city in the curative thermal water. The ribbon of indoor thermal bath was cut in 2004. The 84°C thermal water springs from 2000 m.

From 2006 Kistelek Thermal Bath offers the following services:


- aqua therapy,

- gymnastic,

- jacuzzi and

- dry saunas.


According to the specialists the hot spring water is rich in fluoride ions, sodium bicarbonate and silica and the water composition helps to cure the following:


- chronic and semi-acute arthritis,

-  blood circulation problems,

- ilnesses of the verteblar spine,

- neuralgia,

-  aortic stenosis and

-  pains of the interverteblar disc.

The thermal waters of the Great Plain are eminently suitable for refreshing and curing the tired body and replenishing mental energies. Our familiar thermal bath is waiting for our guests with 3 pools- a 34°C hip-bath, a 38°C spa and a 50 sqm tepid pool. In the gallery there are some separated boxes for massage, mud cures and other therapies.

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South Great Plain



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