Kistelek is a dynamically growing town located in the Great Plain region with advanced infrastructure and institutional systems, a teeming culture and public life.

The natural and cultural beauty attracts many people and makes Kistelek an ideal destination for visitors. Whoever is interested in active tourism can discover the treasures of this territory, because this region is rich in nature reservations and landscape. For example ’Müllerszék’, with the characteristic salt marsh water, is the hatchery of several rare birds. In this unique avifauna you can admire the black-winged stilt and the pied avocet. Also the world famous wildlife photographer, Bence Máté has started his career taking shots of birds in Pusztaszer.

The earliest records of the town of Kistelek date from the 18th century, thus the town is considered to be nearly 300 years old. In the resources the name of the village was mentioned as Kis Telek (=Little Parcel) with the meaning of parcel as fertilized  soil.

Thanks to the hard-working people of Kistelek with strong christian roots who do their best to improve our town, here all services are available for a livable town: nursery, kindergarden, primary school, secondary school, dormitory, health center, one-day surgery, police station, firehouse, civil guard, sport centre and cultural centre. We are trying to provide all of the opportunities for everybody that is necessary for the European standard life from childhood to retirement age. With a population of 7000 Kistelek is the centre of the surrounding villages, Baks, Balástya, Csengele, Ópusztaszer and Pusztaszer.

Those who would like to hunt not with objective but with gun the surrounding of Kistelek is perfect to do such activity. Furthermore also the lovers of fishing and equitation can gratify their passions in this territory. The Leon-Cavallo Sports Club, the Kóbor-Ló and the Tóbanjáró Lovasudvar is waiting for passionate horse riders in Balástya. The lovers of fishing can buy their daily ticket at the Fishing Association of Kistelek and Balástya.

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South Great Plain



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Lat.: 46.473º Long.: 19.980º